Essential & Helpful Information

Here at Purewell Timber Buildings we have been selling and fitting Garden buildings for over 60 years and choose our suppliers carefully. Our suppliers have been manufacturing quality buildings for over 20 years and like us would like your building to be a useful addition to your garden and believe these few points will ensure that it is an asset for many years to come. We ask you to bear in mind that timber is a natural product that needs care and maintenance and is subject to naturally occurring changes according to temperatures which can result in some movement in both timber and roof coverings.


We require a firm (Concrete or Slabs) level clear site.  Our installation costs do not cover clearing and levelling the site.  If you go for our power base option the site needs to be clear of plants, tree stumps etc, and as level as possible.  Please check there is room for your new building to fit the space you are wanting it put in.  Please check we have clear access to bring the building in to your garden.  Any concerns please feel free to call us first.  We only install from a 60 mile radius of our show site at SO41 0LA.  Isle of Wight not included. If you live further than 60 miles from our show site please call first as we may still be able to offer the installation service.


Our suppliers use the finest European softwood and Canadian Western Red Cedar you will not find any chipboard or sterling board which is associated with inferior buildings in any of our products. All our buildings come supplied with everything you need to construct it, which includes, felt, glass, screws and nails. All play buildings are supplied with Perspex and all other buildings are supplied with Toughened glass as standard (Except Popular range).  Most sheds and summer houses are supplied as standard with Toughened glass were stated. If you are looking at purchasing a building with exterior timber cladding or Western Red Cedar please be aware that they are constructed with softwood internal framing, softwood roofs and softwood boarded floors on tanalised joists. You may also notice, due to the nature of Cedar, variations in colour shading. All buildings in or range are supplied with a base coat which is applied by totally immersing each section in our quality oil based treatment ensuring penetration on all sides. Roof sections are additionally protected by green mineral felt on all buildings. With the exception of our Power & Popular range, all our floors are supplied with tanalised joists as standard. Any building larger than 10’ (3050mm) on any side will be manufactured in more than one piece for ease of access and transport


Should you find a design you like but one of our standards may not fit your space, then don’t worry normally we can adapt one to fit (Regency Buildings Only). Our suppliers team of joiners can not only make special sized buildings they can produce a non-standard building to suit your needs so bring a sketch with sizes if this is the case. We also offer a full range of optional extras which can be fitted to any of our buildings. These include double doors, verandas, heavy-duty floor, special size doors, stable doors, extra height, heavy-duty framing, Western Red Cedar cladding, Deluxe cladding, extra windows, toughened glass, opening windows, red roofing felt, heavy-duty roofing felt, red, black or green mineral felt tiles, cedar timber roof or Cedar shingles.  Please be aware under present conditions we cannot offer non standard buildings.  Please call us for advice.


Consideration to siting a building is nearly as important as the building itself so take time to ensure that the site for your building is correct. Things to consider would be proximity to boundaries which could affect planning, the position of the sun if you wish to maximize natural light especially when you hope to use it most. To ensure the longevity of your building we do not recommend that trees or shrubs overhang the building.


It is essential that the base and foundations are correctly prepared for your building as failure to provide a suitable base could affect both the operating of the doors and any opening windows. We would recommend the base is at least the minimum size of the building ordered, to ensure the stability of your building the base must be firm and level. You should also consider allowing a space around the building for both installation and maintenance work e.g. retreating with good quality wood preservative.

Site access

Is it possible to get the building in its section from to the area, check for any restrictions/obstacles/bends/ that will prevent access of the timber sections including height and width as most sections will not go through a standard size door. If in doubt please give us a ring to discuss any access difficulties that you may have, we have erected buildings in some pretty tight places so there may be a way around it.

General Care

To maintain the quality and appearance of your building we recommend that you regularly oil the ironmongery e.g. door and window hinges and to re-treat your building annually. Treatment, a coat of preservative each year will go a long way to ensuring a lifetime of service from your building and is available reasonably priced from us. If your building is installed in damp conditions please ensure you leave adequate ventilation until the building is dry.  The more preservative you apply at the start the longer your building will last.

All the timber used to construct our buildings are from companies who operate a well managed sustainable forest programme. All timber sizes quoted are after machining and general overall sizes are approximate external dimensions.


All our buildings are guaranteed for 5 years against rot. (Subject to conditions)

Roofing felt is guaranteed for 1 year.  (Subject to conditions).  Please note that one layer Polyester roofing felt can be prone to rippling due to timber movement in the roof boards.  We cannot guarantee this from happening.  We do offer and recommend, EPDM Rubber Roofing that is stuck down using a lay tech glue.  This we guarantee for 10 years (Please note EPDM can also ripple as the timber roof it is glued to can expand or contract depending on weather conditions, this is not covered on the guarantee)  This does not effect the performance.  Please call for prices. 

Ironmongery is guaranteed for 1 year.  (Subject to conditions)

Timber is a natural material and all windows and doors can in wet and damp weather swell, this is not covered by the guarantee.  We will not undertake ongoing adjustments as under normal circumstances i.e. in drier weather they will return to normal. To minimise the effects of swelling and shrinkage of boards we recommend an additional coat of quality timber stain and preserve soon after the building is installed and subsequently treated on an annual basis.


Buildings must be re treated (Painted) once year with a good quality wood preserver.  We recommend you give your new shed/Garden building an another coat within Three months of purchase and then annually.

Guarantee do not include, doors or windows moving or swelling up.  Timber is a natural product and is prone to shrinkage and Swelling and could cause some movement between the boards in hot, cold and wet weather conditions. During Hot spells of weather we advise opening the building doors and windows as often as possible to lessen the build up of heat in the building, that could affect the shrinkage or movement of the timber.  During prolonged wet weather conditions Log cabins can be prone to water ingress on the corner joints.  This can be stopped by applying a coat of clear water repellent on top of your choice of wood preserver, internal and external and around any exposed windows etc.

Space must be left available to access all sides of the building.

The outside of the building must be kept clear from a build up of soil & leaves etc, and nothing to be lent up against the outside of your building.

Roofing felt does not include storm damage or pest damage and must be clear from overhanging trees etc.  Rippling of felt is not covered under any guarantee.

Screw heads should be left visible on doors and windows etc and not filled so adjustments can be made due to shrinkage and movement. (Very important on Log Cabins). Any garden buildings with  Log Burners fitted will loose any warranty & Guarantee as garden timber buildings are not designed for the heat these generate.  You will have to speak to the HETAS fitter you used to see if his warranty covers your garden building.

Ironmongery must be regularly lubricated with a good quality oil.  We cannot be held responsible for salt air corrosion due to being on the south coast.

Delivery Time

Where possible we try to meet the delivery schedule as stated for the buildings. However please be aware that sometimes during peak season and times of high demand this may not be possible and your order can take a little longer to fulfill.