The Power Range of Express, Delivery modular sheds are by far the market leaders in this field, all the others are inferior products.


The World's Most Adaptable sheds. You can choose the position of the door and windows as you/we Install it.  The modular format allows you to place the door and windows in the configuration you want as you/we assemble the shed.  This allows our sheds to fit any garden.  The Pent roof versions have a reversible roof so it can slope to the front or the rear.  Decide this option whilst you/we assemble it.  EASY!!!! 

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Apex Sheds, Pent Sheds, Security Sheds, Windowless Sheds, Bike Sheds.  See all the Range at our display site, or browse and buy from this secure website.


UK WIDE DELIVERY SERVICE INCLUDED (Most UK postcodes Including, NI, Scotland & Wales) Please check for the Islands.

Express Delivery Sheds

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